You may well have read my writing . . . but you didn’t know I wrote it.

Over the years I’ve written for leading insurance, asset management and business executives, and international trade and training organizations. I’ve also been published in trades and general-circulation newspapers under my own byline (formerly Diana Cohen Harris).

I would like to help you, as an insurance, asset management or business executive, deliver great written communications and presentations while restricting the time you must personally devote to such projects.

When I commit to your deadline, I move heaven and earth to meet it. As time gets tight, I provide cell-phone access and adapt to international time zones to get the job done right.

So tell me your concerns about the finer points and I’ll follow through. I really care.

How can I help you?

Some clients see me as an extension of their own talents. They could do the job themselves if they had the time. However, these busy executives know it is their calling to lead, not implement, and their staff are also too pressured to take on writing and research assignments.

Others recognize that their dynamic managerial skills crowd out the patience and attention to detail required to write effectively.

Executives appreciate that my work style is highly professional. I can provide drafts along the way with sections marked for your attention or I can work with complete independence.

Let’s get started

Let’s discuss your writing and research needs. I can provide ideas and writing samples appropriate to your plans.

Simply phone me at 630.771.9605 or email me so we can talk.

Diana Schneidman
(formerly Diana Cohen Harris)
Chicago (Bolingbrook), IL

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